Test your knowledge about Europe

Get ready! Test your knowledge about Europe

Do you want to know more about legends and fairy tales, the stories about it and behind it? Click here: https://europeisnotdead.com

More regional names for the @-sign you can find here: http://europapont.blog.hu

Sometimes, it can be helpful to understand how others curse. More swear words you’ll find here: https://europeisnotdead.com

Are you hungry now? More information about typical food in Europe you’ll find here: https://tasteatlas.com

It is impossible to remember all country calling codes. That’s why you can find a list of them and a map here: https://en.wikipedia.org

You want to see some more pictures of these (and other!) comic stars und to know their stories? You’ll find it here: https://europeisnotdead.com

Always read it with a wink – and do not take it seriously! Where these (and even more) stereotypes come from is explained very well here: https://europeisnotdead.com/video

Do you want to know more about superstitions in Europe? You’ll find exciting stories and costums here: https://europeisnotdead.com


Europe is exciting, colourful and diverse. There is a lot to discover. Which region could be the most thrilling for you?