What do I need?

Getting ready for your mobility includes some requirements and preparatory tasks.

On the one hand that concerns you as a person. Make sure that you fulfill the requirements in terms of age, professional and language skills. But also think about your attitude, your motivation and also expectations. You need to be open and sensitive towards differences.

On the other hand, a mobility experience is also a big journey. And like any other journey, there are some formal arrangements to consider.

Have a look at our checklists:

Personal requirements

  • Personal independence in daily life
  • Positive attitude
  • Motivation for the challenges
  • Ability to adapt to situations that come up
  • Minimum training to ensure that full advantage of the experience is taken
  • Sufficient knowledge of the working language
  • The minimum age should be the legal age for placements of the sending and host country.

Documents needed

  • European Curriculum Vitae: Create it online
  • Motivation letter:
    • A brief personal presentation
    • Completed studies/training or ongoing studies/training description
    • Motivation: why do you want to do workplace training?
    • Personal and professional expectations: what do you expect to learn from workplace training?
  • National Identity Card/Passport.
  • European Health insurance, travel and liability insurance
  • Medical certificate when required
  • Any authorisations required in the sending and host country

Some packing tips: