ECVET Database

Welcome to the Database for ECVET Learning Units and Outcomes!

This database is a growing collection of contents defined by project coordinators from all over Europe.

Defining ECVET learning units and outcomes is a challenging task. With this database we aim to give valuable ideas for adapting and developing own individual outcomes. Besides, you can transfer all contents directly to a Learning Agreement template.

Please regularly check for updates if there are contents for your sectors of interest – and if not, join our community and start sharing your expertise!

As not-registered user:

  • You can view and print the contents.

After registration/login there are several additional opportunities:

  • You can add own learning units and outcomes that will get online after an administrative check by our experts
  • You can take over and edit already existing units
  • You can use your new or already existing contents and transfer them to an ECVET Learning Agreement that you can create online and discuss with your partners and learners.

ECVET Learning Units and Outcomes

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