Pon a prueba tus conocimientos sobre Europa

¡Prepárate! Pon a prueba tus conocimientos sobre Europa y mejora tu inglés 😉

Do you want to know more about legends and fairy tales, the stories about it and behind it? Click here: https://europeisnotdead.com

More regional names for the @-sign you can find here: http://europapont.blog.hu

Sometimes, it can be helpful to understand how others curse. More swear words you’ll find here: https://europeisnotdead.com

Are you hungry now? More information about typical food in Europe you’ll find here: https://tasteatlas.com

It is impossible to remember all country calling codes. That’s why you can find a list of them and a map here: https://en.wikipedia.org

You want to see some more pictures of these (and other!) comic stars und to know their stories? You’ll find it here: https://europeisnotdead.com

Always read it with a wink – and do not take it seriously! Where these (and even more) stereotypes come from is explained very well here: https://europeisnotdead.com/video

Do you want to know more about superstitions in Europe? You’ll find exciting stories and costums here: https://europeisnotdead.com


Europa es emocionante, vistosa y diversa. Hay mucho por descubrir ¿Qué región podría ser la más interesante para ti?