Learning Outcome

Name of the unit: Speaking and Listening Skills

Qualification: Communication

Professional area: General Competences


Level of the participant:

Description of the unit: Speaking and Listening Skills: Speaking clearly and at measured pace as well as maintaining eye contact to hold the attention.


The beneficiary is able to...

- behave    appropriately, according to the professional level of communication.  

- differ between    verbal and non-verbal communication.  

- identify    gestures and facial expressions as essential parts of communication.  


The beneficiary is able to...

- communicate    complex issues in a clearly structured and logic way.          

- focus    on spoken content by others and to absorb the important informations and arguments from it.          

- balance    verbal and non-verbal communication in order to draw attention to the topic.          

- communicate    in a non-conflicting way in order to maintain a professional atmosphere.          

- use    foreign languages in order to contribute to the copanys international agenda.          


The beneficiary is able to...

- apply    the level of communication to the situation in order to create a professional space.          

- analyse    the content and the way of spoken content and to go into these aspects afterwards.          

- express    cofidence and professionality during business events.