Learning Outcome

Name of the unit: Team Building

Qualification: People Management

Professional area: General Competences


Level of the participant:

Description of the unit: Team Building: Responding constructively to others ideas and suggestions as well as encouraging active participation and cooperation within the team.


The beneficiary is able to...

- identify    the team and the deifferent roles being performed by all team members.  

- recognise    the social patterns of behaviour in the company that enables him or her to communicate appropriately to the other team members.  


The beneficiary is able to...

- appropriately communicate     with team members and superiors.          

- communicate    issues in a professional, non-conflicting way.          

- perform    the core aspects of equality and fairness at the workplace.          


The beneficiary is able to...

- appreciate    the variety of characteristics and personal space within the team and thus, contributes to a cooperative atmosphere at the workplace.