Learning Outcome

Name of the unit: Conduct a working activity as employed or autonomous worker

Qualification: Cook

Professional area: Hospitality industry, tourism, event management, housekeeping

EQF-level: 3

Level of the participant: Intermediate

Description of the unit: Understand and manage the contractual and fiscal aspects of professional services rendered in the form of paid employment or self-employment.


The beneficiary is able to...

- understand    the contractual aspects on the professional performance and the necessary procedures for the proper exercise of a self-employment or or quasi-subordin  


The beneficiary is able to...

- define    the contractual aspects of professional performance          

- manage    the tax and social security obligations required for the activity in question.          


The beneficiary is able to...

- specify    independently the contractual aspects of the professional performance verifing the applicability and correctness of the employment contract in relatio          

- exercise    properly and indipendently a self-employment or quasi-subordinate contract.