Learning Outcome

Name of the unit: Improve the skills as a hotel manager

Qualification: Specialist in the hospitality services industry

Professional area: Hospitality industry, tourism, event management, housekeeping

EQF-level: 4

Level of the participant: Intermediate

Description of the unit: Carrying out known tasks as well as accommodate to new, upcoming challenges in the field of housekeeping, food and beverages, and spa. He/she will get an explicit insight in the practical structures of a different, international hotel.


The beneficiary is able to...

- learn    the procedures of serving food in the hotel restaurant under guidance.  

- improve    the independent serving of drinks according to national or hotel regualtions.  


The beneficiary is able to...

- apply    the companys internal security regulations.          


The beneficiary is able to...

- understand    the cooperation between different hotel sections      under guidance.    

- improve    the independent communication with hotel or restaurant guests  through serving foods and beverages, the receptionist work or other services at the hotel.