Learning Outcome

Name of the unit: Automotive Engine Mechanical

Qualification: Motor vehicle mechatronics technician

Professional area: Automotive and other vehicles

EQF-level: 3

Level of the participant: Intermediate

Description of the unit: This unit includes the operation knowledge and main engine components of the internal combustion engine’s construction, its cycles of operation and the procedures used to determine component serviceability.


The beneficiary is able to...

- Recognise    Identify the main Engine components of the combustion Engine  


The beneficiary is able to...

- Select    Identify the various Engine components; the Cylinder Head, the Cylinder Block, the Camshaft Main Drive and components  Through written and/or oral evidence to show that the candidate can correctly identify from diagrams or actual components, cylinder head, cylinder blo  The activity is satisfactory performed/achieved through meeting the performance criteria of demonstrating correct identification of a series of main c  The task should be carried out under the supervision of the tutor/trainer or work-placement assessor    


The beneficiary is able to...


- The trainee can identify and list the main components of a combustible engine    Locate, identify and describe the major Engine components: Cylinder Block - Cylinder liners - Cylinder head - Crankshaft - Con rod - Valves - Camshaft  The activity is carried out within the workshop situation, the trainee physically identifies each component and completes a component diagram sheet  The activity is carried out in the context of an assessment procedure and under supervision  The trainee conducts the task individually